Taste Music Group was founded in 2019 by veteran music executives Leonard Brooks and Tiffany Johnson. From playing integral roles in shaping the history of music the two executives have accumulated a massive rolodex of networks and knowledge. On the A&R front, Johnson has contributed to Gucci Mane, The Underdogs, DTP. While Brooks contribution to A&R came with the overseeing of Snoop Dogg, J Holiday, The Bonfyre, and Far East Movement. In 2016 the duo formed Meshach Management realizing that “We were on opposite ends of the same spectrum” stated Tiffany J. , and the missing puzzle piece to each other's work. Bringing together their skill sets they created the powerhouse management company. LB and Tiffany J. have over 20 years of music executive experience each, and have contributed to over 150 million records sold. From branding, managing, A&R, and creative direction you name it there is nothing these two have not put their hands in. The group has represented and helped build the brands of Karen Civil, Wale, Hitmaka, 30Roc, Kmichelle, LSG, Harmony Samuels, Mario, Ty Dolla $ign, and so many more.
We created Taste Music Group to be a safe space for artists to come and feel part of a family, know that they are respected, and to truly bestow knowledge about the industry. It is now the home for artists such as Luis Armando, LoveFrank, and Lil Cray. Being in an industry that is constantly changing Taste Music group truly exemplifies knowing when and how to pivot their artists. Tailoring the experience to each of their talents to put them in the best position for success. With their fingers tip on the pulse of the industry Brooks & Johnson where moved to fulfill some goods in music. Taste Music music inked a venture with Cash Money / Republic for their Latin artist Luis Amando that made Billboard headlines last year. They’re independent but operating with the mindset of a mini major label.

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