Frank Affer, professionally known as LoveFrank, is a singer, songwriter and recording artist from St. Clair Shores, MI. A small town just outside of Detroit. Inspired by hearing his father sing around the house, playing Motown classics such as Sam Cooke and The Temptations. Frank developed a love for music and a natural sense of melody at a young age. His older brother Sammy, drawing from some of the same inspiration, learned to play the guitar and started to produce music in high school & has become Franks go to producer over the past 5 years.

After releasing several records independently, In 2016 Frank landed a spot opening up for rapper BZZY on a small tour in Florida. Taking the stage in Orlando, franks performance captured the attention of Dj GQ who gave him the follow on Instagram. This is when the inevitable takes place. Frank then caught the attention of veteran manager and music mogul Leonard Brooks via GQ’s Instagram in the mutual followers section. Leonard reached out to Frank showing interest and mentioned he was gonna be in Atlanta with his then partner LA Reid. Intuitively, without hesitation, Frank and his good friend Chaz Leopoldo, (now manager) flew to Atlanta without any formal plans, gave Leonard a call and said “I’m Here, what’s up?” Admiring his passion and charisma, this led to a meeting with both Leonard and LA Reid. This was the very beginning of a relationship that would come full circle in 2020.

Leonard parted ways with LA Reid’s HITCO some time after and launched his own label Taste Music Group. Frank continued to work and develop as an artist and after several more independent releases over 2 years, he was approached with a contract from Taste.